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COR®BON's DPX® Handgun ammunition exhibits superior performance to all is the new terminology for ammunition that outstandingly performs after penetrating of 10% ballistic gelatin and shot through four layers of 10oz denim barrier.

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Auto 90gr Self-Defense JHP from the bullets violent and immediate expansion in ballistic gelatin has given our JHP a of over 90%! The rapid expansion reduces projectile over penetration. Our JHP typically achieves 9”” of penetration. DPX Overview COR®BON's DPX® Handgun ammunition exhibits superior. Jun 28, - In this test, CorBon's DPX in ACP is put through the pocket pistol. well, with an average penetration through the bare gel of ″, and.

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Jun 13, - Buffalo Barnes and Corbon DPX Auto Comparison Test test bb shot into the Clear Ballistics gel block and record penetration depth. Two Pistol Packer's Wet-pack tests for,, and 9mm ammo lr Subsonic Sniper Ammo (24" penetration is not born out by the GoldenLoki Gel tests-see below link) Wetpack Tests with Bersa (includes Corbon DPX).

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Oct 15, - and ACP handgun self-defense ammunition loads in ballistic gel Adequate penetration: The bullet must have the ability to penetrate. Jan 15, - Corbon DPX - 80 grain ( fps ft. lbs.) The Buffalo Bore, however, penetrates better than both rounds and also has comparable expansion. of buffalo bore and compare. anybody know how to make ballistic gel?

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Aug 10, - Surprisingly, even FMJ loads penetrated but 14 inches in water in that . Cor-Bon DPX ACP Grain DPX Hollow Point DPX/20, Missing: gelatin ‎| ‎Must include: ‎gelatin. Corbon 80 gr DPX Testing Platform: Keltec 3AT Barrier: Bare Gelatin TEST RESULTS: Round # 1: Penetration: ” Recovered Weight.

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Cor-Bon DPX Ammunition ACP 80 Grain DPX Hollow Point Lead-Free Box of 20 the Corbon DPX line offers deep penetration with % weight retention. . my taurus tcp " barrel 8" pen" uniform expansion into bare ballistics gel. Cor-Bon DPX ACP 80gr SCHP fps 20 Rounds.

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Nov 27, - A bullet should penetrate LESS than 18″ of soft tissue. I've blogged previously on the whys and wherefores of ballistic gel (for example, I tested the DPX recently: in Bare Gelatin, inches‎: ‎ Apr 21, - There are JHP loads that will penetrate a foot or more of ballistic gel, and FMJ rounds that will go pretty far into the gel block. Ballistic gel.

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Oct 15, - Testing the Auto There's good reason why this cartridge is still the is the inability to penetrate the requisite 12 inches into bare gelatin. . COR-BON grain Self-Defense JHP, of the COR-BON DPX Handgun line; and. It looks similar to COR-BON's DPX copper ammo. Does anyone have the ballistic gel terminal ballistics data on penetration and expansion for this ammo?