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Oct 22, - Being disabled as i am, i constantly find that there are MANY things which piss me off. Please feel free to tell me if you agree with me or not.

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I saw this on someone else's blog and thought what the hell, I'll steal that idea from her pronto! I wish I could remember who's blog it was, and if I run across her. Ten Things Bloggers Do That Piss Me Off. Beg or Shame People into Reading or Promoting You. Assume What You're Doing Is More Important Than What Everyone Else is Doing. Link Drop in Facebook Groups. Be A Sore Loser When Someone Else Accomplishes Something. Fish For Compliments.

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Aug 18, - Having no skill and deciding to one-up your shitty motor vehicle operation by talking on a cellphone or texting really pisses me off. This morning. Sep 28, - People think that you are too sensitive? That you have intense feelings? That you're caring? You find it hard to forget what people have done to.

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[QUOTE="metallica_fan42"]Things that piss me off:Rants that nobody cares about, and that could be avoided by putting them in your blog:) steeeeeeveperry. Feb 5, - Every so often I get tagged in these blogger hostage situations - I'm asked to fill out some sort of questionnaire, invented by an unknown person.

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There are certain things that piss me off in this world, as I'm sure there are for all guys. And yet here you are, Mr. Emms, griping about someone's blog. Jun 22, - In no particular order, here are some things that make me want to move to my own planet. Cat Haters – If you read this blog, you know that I.

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2. People who walk slow in busy areas like Oxford Street Perhaps you are taking in the sweaty atmosphere and maybe you haven't been here before so my bad. No, the thing that pisses me off are that fact card manufacturers think it's okay to I could fill this whole blog with the crap that comes through my door, but I just.

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Jul 15, - “The thing that really grinds my gears is when people are flat out rude to you for no reason. I wonder why they think they need to drop their. This is a list of things that positively absolutely piss me off!

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Jul 12, - As my Samsung S7 Edge sits in a bowl of uncooked rice in my kitchen, I can feel the fumes still rising from my ears. I've been trying my hardest. Jan 23, - Are you a person who always seems to be pissed off? A blog about personal growth and taking back control of life. pissed off Many years ago, I used to get upset about a lot of things. If I felt I was wronged somehow, it would send me into a fit of anger at whatever or whoever I perceived to be the culprit.

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Jun 27, - For a long time, I resisted people who pissed me off, made me angry, What you resist will literally show up again and again until you deal with. May 16, - 24 things that piss me off (and probably you, too) When you read a blog post you're working on over and over again and don't catch a typo.

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Ten things that piss me off. By LoveStats on January 7, That's the sort of title that generates a lot of clicks. People love to complain and hear complaints. May 13, - These are examples of things which in my mind, are accepted as being a bit annoying versus the things which really do piss me off.